Come Watch Music Theatre Night At Arrowhead High School

Arrowhead High Schools Drama club, led by Maralynn Markano produces two shows each year that are independent from the choir departments Broadway Company productions. These shows are open to all students and teachers in all grades that are in the district. 

Arrowhead Drama includes the actors in the drama department shows and the stage crew who work on all of the drama department and the broadway company shows. 


The plays vary from year to year, sometimes drama, sometimes comedy, sometimes 

mystery, classic, contemporary and sometimes a musical. In addition to the school they have an acting course open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. This class content changes from semester to semester so students can take it multiple times up to 9 for credit.  


Have you ever wondered how you don’t see the stage crew when they are changing the sets? The Arrowhead High School also known as “The Black Shadows” is a group of people who work backstage, during and after the theatrical productions. Some Musical theater nights are filled with traditional musical theater numbers, while other years ,they push the envelope with more modern and trendy shows. One this is for certain the 

Broadway Company will never put two of the same Musical theater nights together. 


The latest Brodway musical performance was “Musical Theater Night” this consisted of dancing, singing and acting from many of your loved movies like, “The Greatest Show” by The Greatest Showman (Movie), Seventeen by the Heathers(Movie & musical), Bellas finals by Pitch perfect (movie), and many more. MTN provides students with the opportunity to take what they have learned about leadership in Broadway Company and apply it to their very own numbers.  


Julia Payne an Arrowhead High school Sophomore says, “ I think it was good and that the group numbers were good.”