International Women’s Day AND Women’s History Month

March 8, 2023, celebrates International Women’s day and the whole month of March it is celebrated as Women’s History Month. 


This month is set aside to honor Women’s contributions to American society. Since 1995, each president has issued an annual proclamation designating the month of March as Women’s History Month. 


English teacher Jennifer Passler said that people can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations, and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, she said each one of us can help create a gender-equal world. 


Passler also said that she has noticed throughout the years there is definitely more awareness and it feels like more people are interested in talking about women’s rights. 


Passler was happy to say that Rho Kappa approached her about working together to help people gain more awareness. Girl up and Rho Kappa are teaming up to create events to celebrate Women’s History Month. Article forthcoming about these upcoming events. 


Senior Jane Berglin said for her, Women’s History Month is very important, and she wished it was considered likewise by more people. She thinks that the month serves as a special reminder of everything that the women before us went through and accomplished for us to be where we are today. It sometimes makes her sad to think of women who dedicated their lives to feminism without seeing any concrete change in their lifetime. Still, this inspires her to use every avenue she can to continue to better the lives of women around her and for the generations of women to come. 


Junior Addison Schack says that Women’s History Month to her is also very important because, “I think it greatly highlights women’s achievements and importance to historical events throughout time and it is great we celebrate that throughout the month of March.” 


Junior Noelle Urban on the board for Rho Kappa says that she thinks it is also important and means a lot to her to celebrate women’s history month to recognize all the good women have done in the past for us and our country.