DECA District Career Development Conference Results

DECA Districts, the first competition of the year was held at Kettle Moraine on 1/7. DECA Districts if placement advances you to state, and then to Internationals. Over 50 students competed from Arrowhead and 27 students will be competing at state in Lake Geneva from February 27th-March 1st


Arrowhead was victorious in their success with them being relative to Slinger in terms of awards.


Other schools that competed in this district were Homestead, both Waukesha West and North, New Berlin Eisenhower, and more.


Maggie Jahnke, an Arrowhead junior, competed at Districts and shared her thoughts. Jahnke said, “I competed in Retail Merchandising, which entails how to manage a store while involving Marketing.” 


There are many different events students can participate in. They range from Accessories and Apparel to Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Within the competitive events you also have two different categories. You can either compete as an individual or compete as a team (two people). 


The score to place is based upon three things: Test score, Roleplay one score, and Roleplay two score. 


Jahnke says, “A roleplay includes five performance indicators if you’re competing as an individual, and seven if you’re a team. Performance indicators are what you’re judged upon to see if you understand the problem.”


Jahnke also shares what roleplay entails. Jahnke says, “A roleplay starts off with ten minute prep time. Here you are given a case study based on your event, you have to find out who you are and what the problem is. The problem is what your Performance Indicators are based on. Finding a solution creatively and involving marketing terms can help you nail your performance indicators. Then you sit down with a judge and present your ideas with up to ten minutes to present. After you leave the judge looks at a rubric and the Performance indicators to give you a score.”


Roleplays were a key factor in determining students’ scores and placement overall. A good score and placing could be a high for students at Districts.


Molly Jackson, an Arrowhead senior and a DECA Leadership team member shared her highs and lows, Jackson says, “A low was the Performance Indicators and having to study them beforehand, and a high was being done and the stress being taken off my shoulders.” 


Others thought different aspects of Districts were their highs and lows.


Reagan Russ, an Arrowhead senior and a DECA Leadership team member also inputted her highs and lows, Russ says, “A low for me was definitely the stress, and a high was the food. We got Rocky Rococo’s for lunch and I haven’t had pizza in forever so that was definitely a treat.” 


Highs definitely feed into why students participate in Districts and DECA overall. 


Jackson says, “I started in DECA due to my brother being in it previously and he encouraged me. Mr. Melzer in the business classes also encourages us throughout the school year and encourages us to come to a DECA meeting, and participate in Districts.”


Spirits are held high as students advance to State.


Russ says, “I’m excited to go to state! At Districts I got 4th place in my event, with two medals for the roleplays.”