Arrowhead’s DECA Sells Froyo At School Store


Arrowhead High School has a school store located in the main cafeteria at North Campus. This school store is located across from the vending machines and is currently run by DECA. DECA is an after school club that is,“a student organization of marketing and entrepreneurship students. It is a basic component of a Marketing Education program, which supports and enhances, related school-based and work-based learning.” 


The school store contains different items that are available for students to purchase during the school day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 7:15 am- 3:00 pm and on Wednesdays from 7:15 am-2:30 pm according to their page on the Arrowhead Website


Some of these items sold include the following: frozen yogurt, chocolate candies like m&m’s, and Arrowhead merchandise. 


Froyo can be defined as, “a frozen dessert made with yogurt” according to the Oxford Language Dictionary.


Froyo and ice cream are very similar yet still different. Froyo has a milk base and ice cream has a cream base. Froyo’s base has more probiotics compared to ice cream. Other than the major differences in the bases both have flavorings, dyes, and added preservatives.


The Arrowhead School Store sells frozen yogurt for $3.45 (there is an additional charge if students are going to use apple pay or credit/debit cards) and a free topping along with each froyo purchased. 


If students want to purchase a froyo topping without the froyo it will cost a dollar. 


Current flavors offered are cake batter, chocolate, home churned vanilla, cinnamon roll, Georgia peach, birthday cake, and many more. These flavors change with each reorder. 


McGinley says, “Cake batter is typically my favorite, but since they’re out of it today, my second favorite is the Blackberry flavor.”


The froyo sold in the store is ordered from Yo Mama. Yo Mama has a location in Wauwatosa.  This location is open from 12-9PM every day except Monday when it is closed to the public.


McGinley also says, “I think they should have a tally every time they order to determine which flavor they should get the most of and which flavors they should skip out on ordering.”