AHS attends the Creative Writing Workshop

Lindsey Schmidt and Anna Davis

On Monday, December 5th, students from Arrowhead attended a writing conference in Milwaukee. The students who participated are in the school’s Writing Club, which is led by seniors Onesti Ekholm and Zara Agustin Jardon. 


“The writing club was specifically invited by teachers but anyone was invited,” said Ekholm.


Through the Art of Writing, Milwaukee hosted the writing conference at the Milwaukee Art Museum. The conference has been happening for over thirty years and has been offered to students from the third grade to the twelfth. 


Each school attending can bring teachers; in total, four Arrowhead students attended along with two teachers. Admission was eighty dollars for students while the teachers attending got in for free. 


The students got to the museum at 8am. They found their tables with other students from different schools and got to tour the art museum for inspiration. Throughout the day, students got to find inspiration, draft their pieces, share them, and get tips from the event hosts. 


“It was more of an experience than them actually helping you,” Agustin Jardon said. “I was very inspired by the artwork. Outside of the art, I would have liked my own prompt.”


The pieces the students wrote will be put in a book and sold to people who wish to buy them. Those who attended get a copy for free.


Agustin Jardon says, “It was very fun and it was a good opportunity to collaborate with people around you. I’d recommend people to go when they get the chance.”