Student Senate Hosts Blood Drive on December 9th


Nettie McClutchy and Elyse Jungbluth

As December is fast approaching, Arrowhead’s Student Senate members begin to prepare for this year’s Winter Blood Drive. This blood drive is in cooperation with the Red Cross Association and will be held December 9, 2022 from 6:30 AM through 2:30 PM in the North Campus Gym Foyer and the West Gym here at Arrowhead. Sign up tables run by Senate members are available during fifth and sixth hour lunches for anyone over the age of 16. 


Student Senate Advisor, and teacher at Arrowhead, Tamara Lindmair, said, “The main purpose of the blood drive is to collect blood for our blood banks and hospitals in Wisconsin. The blood we collect will specifically go to patients in Wisconsin. Winter is an especially high need time. Blood centers rely heavily on blood drives to keep blood banks stocked. These blood drives are incredibly important.” 


As Lindmair said, these blood drives are crucial to supply resources to the Red Cross, but donating blood can be viewed as an intimidating task.


Many students are able to donate blood since there is no cap on the number of participants.


To give blood, you must be at least 16 years old. 16 and 17 year old donors must also meet certain height and weight requirements which are put in place to make sure donors feel good during and after donating. Interested donors can check the height and weight requirements at the sign up tables,” said Lindmair.


“We usually get anywhere between 100-140 donors. Anyone 16 and older can donate and we invite any students, staff, parents and community members to donate,” said Lindmair.


Student Senate encourages the local community to donate along with Arrowhead Students.


We encourage everyone who is eligible to consider donating on Dec 9th! We have some free giveaways, snacks and prizes for all successful donors as well,” said Lindmair.