Forensics Season Starts

The 2022 Forensics season has started with their first Forensics meeting on October 17th, where members discussed potential categories and strategies to find pieces to perform. Forensics is a competitive speech team offered to students of various grade levels. The goal of Forensics is to build communication, public speaking skills for students


Courtney Weston, an Arrowhead senior and the manager of the forensics team, says, “There are many fantastic reasons students join forensics; one of my favorite uses is when students apply the skills they’ve learned to their school presentations or other assignments.”


Rayen Elmergreen and Angela Rodenkirch are the Forensics coaches preparing to host the first meet of the Forensics season. Forensics members are looking for their pieces and categories while the coaches are currently working on creating a theme for the meet. 


Elmergreen says they have plans on hosting the meet concurrently with Sussex Hamilton. “We will alternate where the meet will be hosted each year, with this year being hosted at Sussex Hamilton,” she says.


Last year, the Arrowhead Forensics Team won 3rd place at their state tournament. This was the first in-person state tournament since 2019. 


Forensics consists of multiple categories including poetry, farrago, extemporaneous speaking, play acting, informative speaking, expository speaking, moments in history, oratory, special occasion, prose, oral interpretation of literature, group interpretation, duo interpretation, solo acting humorous, solo acting serious, storytelling, impromptu, radio speaking. 


The 2023’s state tournament will be hosted at Oshkosh North and Oshkosh West on April 1st. Arrowhead is planning on attending this meet with only a selected 25 members of the team with the best placement records and attendance.


Weston says, “Given the team’s success last year at the State Tournament, it’s an honor to be able to work alongside some of the best competitive orators.”

Questions about late enrollment in Forensics should be directed to email Elmergreen ([email protected]) and Rodenkirk ([email protected])