Arrowhead’s Writing Club

“Writing Club last year was a great experience,” said Onesti Ekholm, one of the co-managers of this year’s Writing Club at Arrowhead. 


According to one of the faculty advisors, Elizabeth Jorgensen, the Writing Club has been around since the 2017-2018 academic year. Last year, there were 26 members in the club. This year, 14 attended the first meeting. 


The club is open throughout the year for anyone new to join. 


“Writing club is laid back. It’s more of an opportunity for members to bring out their work and help them with the rest of the members. We will accommodate the needs and wants of the members for this year. I really hope we can create a community of writers to help them pursue their interest,” Zara Agustin said. Agustin is the other co-manager of the club and a senior at Arrowhead.


The Writing Club meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 2:45 to 3:30pm in room N203 at North Campus. It is open to anyone for sharing their writing and receiving and giving constructive feedback. 


Along with Jorgensen, the club is co-advised by English teacher Terri Carnell. 


Writing Club is a group that meets once a month where we welcome everyone to share their writing and to better their writing skills. It’s a very collaborative and communicative environment where we are able to have fun and be creative without judgment,” Ekholm said. 


To promote the club, Ekholm and Agustin placed flyers around the school. Additional information is on the Arrowhead Website.


“It’s hard to make people actually join the club from the promotions,” Ekholm said. So far, both co-managers have also posted on social media to try and get more members to join the club. 


According to the Arrowhead website, the club participates in fun activities, writing on demand pieces, collaborating with new works, and working on individual pieces.


“This year we have made sure to put up many posters which you can find throughout the hallways of North and South Campus. We also have an Instagram page (@ahswritingclub22) where we post important information about the club,” said Ekholm. 


The writing club also allows for people to share their pieces and get constructive feedback, listen to others, and improve writing skills. 

“I would give Writing Club a shining recommendation, as I believe all students should explore modes of expression that they may not practice regularly or naturally gravitate toward,” said Liz Munkwitz, a Language Arts teacher at the North Campus.

Any questions about the club can be directed to Carnell or Jorgensen. You can contact them through their emails ([email protected] and [email protected]). Or ask the two co-managers, Ekholm or Agustin. 

“Writing Club was a really enjoyable experience that I got to learn and grow a lot more with my writing experience,” said Caitlyn Soya, a senior that has participated in the club for the past two academic years.