Book Club Welcomes Avid Readers


Arrowhead’s book club had their first meeting for 2022 on September 20th. Book Club is run by English teachers Katie Herrman and Liz Munkwitz. At the moment they are reading The Knife of Never Letting Go.


Their next meeting is October 18th at 2:45, where they will be discussing their selected book The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. 


Shaylin Stemper, a Book Club member and senior, says, “It is an action-packed adventure that I recommend to anyone who wants a fast and enjoyable read.”


Book Club meets every three to four weeks in room 164 at North Campus. These meetings are announced on the Arrowhead Students and Parents Facebook page. Information regarding the club can be found on the AHS Book Club Instagram linked here.  


Shaylin Stemper, a Book Club member said, “It is a great way to meet people with similar interests that you have. We read a variety of books, so you can discover new genres that you like. It is a great way to interact with students and teachers while discussing the passion you have for reading.”


Some of the previous books read by the Club include the Silent Patient, Last Night at the Telegraph Club, Ace of Spades, and Elastol.


Alaina Kwiatkowski, a junior and Book Club member, said, “I have been in book club since freshman year and looking back as a Junior, I can say with confidence that I have grown much more comfortable speaking in front of a group.You get to know plenty of people, read things you never would have read on your own, and discover new favorite genres.”


According to the Book Club informational website, the Book Club’s goal is for student leaders to take charge rather than the teacher advisors. The advisors provide anyone who would like to lead a discussion with the opportunity to do so. 


Thomas Thurner, a junior and Book Club Member said, “By joining a book club, you can expose yourself to different genres and books that you might not have read otherwise. I know personally that I have been able to read many books I would not otherwise have picked up, some of which I really enjoyed.”