Meet Senior Ellie Siepmann

Ellie Siepmann is a senior at Arrowhead.


Siepmann runs the club, Student Senate, as President. With this role, she has many responsibilities including sending out emails, planning committee meetings and agendas, planning events, and assigning spirit days.


She is currently planning the Homecoming pep rally, as well as other Homecoming related things, like the dance and themes. The pep rally will take place October 14th, the day before homecoming and will feature dances from the Hawkettes, and other student activities on the football field. 


“It’s a lot of pressure,” Siepmann says. 


Siepmann has been in the Student Senate since freshman year, starting out as a normal member. Going into Sophomore year, she was Sophomore Representative. She then moved onto Junior Representative, and finally, President. 


She said that the process behind becoming President is simple. All she had to do was fill out a Google form, she then had to take a video of herself reading a script about why she should be President. 


Siepmann is not only the President of Student Senate, but she also ski races for Arrowhead and for club, she sails for Arrowhead and plays lacrosse in the spring. 


When asked what she struggles with, Siepmann says “At the super senate meetings, it feels like everyone is staring at you.”


Many big events take place during lacrosse and ski season, she stays organized by keeping a planner. 


Students can look forward to Homecoming and its theme: Hollywood Red Carpet.