WINGS Activity Gallery Walk

Hayley Winser, reporter

On Friday, August 26th, WINGS is holding a gallery walk to show all of the clubs and activities that students can participate in. The gallery walk is being organized to show incoming freshmen options for clubs and activities.  


Tamara Lindmair, social studies teacher and student senate advisor says, “The goal is to have each incoming freshman find something that interests them and join a club or activity in the fall.”


WINGS is a three-day general welcome to Arrowhead for Incoming freshmen. says that WINGS provides students with an introduction to and tour of the school campus, an opportunity to meet other in-coming and upper-level students, and an overview of student services, academic programs, institutional policies, and student organizations. 


This year, WINGS runs from August 24th-26th. WINGS is run by administration, and WINGS student mentors (who are members of the Peers 4 Peers club). 


Previous and returning WINGS mentor, junior Ava Lillesand says, “I think this is a really good idea. I think it will show the incoming freshman some more behind the scenes and will show what Arrowhead has to offer.” 


Lindmair sent an email to all AHS club/activity advisors on Tuesday, May 31st. In the email she says, “The goal is to get our freshman in touch with at least one organization they will get involved in come fall. We would love the participation of each club/activity.” 


She also says that students from the club would have to create a poster or presentation to talk about and explain their club to the freshmen. 


Lindmair says, “So far we have 15 clubs that are committed to being at WINGS and we are hoping to get a few more.” 


Lillesand says, “I think this will increase club participation because it will show students everything that is available, and some stuff they may have never even known about.”