Kickball Game Held for all Language Classes

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022 all language classes at Arrowhead (Spanish, German, French, and Chinese) participated in a tournament style kickball game after school. 


The kickball game was for all levels and anyone could participate and represent their language class. 


Chinese and German had the biggest turnout in numbers.


Sophomore Lindsey Washburn, Spanish 3 student says her Spanish teacher never told his Spanish classes about the game but did tell his German classes.


Sophomore Jenna Rodden says, “That’s probably why Spanish had such a low turnout because Spanish 3 did not know about it.”


The classes with a very high turnout were Chinese and German. Chinese won the tournament, going undefeated the whole time. 


Sophomore Sara Pfiefer was representing Germany in these games and she said, “I had a blast playing with everyone from the German classes and it was a lot of fun overall.”


Sophomore Amelia Altmann also represented her German class. She says, “It was fun playing against other language classes and it was a fun thing to do after school.”


Sophomore Seth Lundberg who was on the winning Chinese kickball team said he was very happy being on the winning team and it was a lot of fun.


Sophomore Bree Stoeger who was also on the winning team said, “I had a lot of fun but the only thing that wasn’t was it was always the same people on the field and they didn’t really mix it up.”