2022 Arrowhead Yearbook Distribution

On Wednesday March 25th from 2:06 to 4:30pm Arrowhead students will pick up their yearbooks for the 2022 school year. 


Teacher and yearbook advisor Jana Danay, sent out an email on Friday May 20th including information about yearbooks and how pick up will go.


If the weather permits, it was planned on being held outside of North Campus between the football field and the school. Otherwise, it will be held in the North Campus main entrance. 


Due to the weather being rainy, the pick up was held in the main entrance. 


If the date doesn’t work there are more days offered that students can pick up their book. From Monday March 31st to Friday June 3rd in study hall students can also get their yearbook. 


Member of Yearbook senior Kailey Wille says, “I’m excited to see everyone come and get their yearbooks. I think it will be very busy. I enjoy seeing everyone look through it and know that our hard work pays off.”


If you still want or need to order a yearbook click here. Send a check to Arrowhead for $55 with the students name and grade and bring it to the main office. 


Wille says, “ We spend a lot of time and hard work on the yearbook. I hope everyone likes it. I don’t think people understand how much work it takes into creating a yearbook, but it was a lot of fun.”