Girl Up Presents Information About Period Poverty

After the school day on Thursday, May 12th the Girl Up club will be presenting information on period poverty. 


This seminar will be helping people learn more about period poverty and its effect on women’s physical and mental health, as well as the calculated amount of money women spend on period-related products in a lifetime. This seminar would also like to share the helpful ways to spread this information through the community. 


The club that is presenting this information is Girl Up, advised by English teacher Jennifer Passler. 


Girl Up is a United Nations sponsored organization that works together to fight gender discrimination across the world. The club organizes awareness, fundraising, and advocacy activities to make sure that girls in the community and around the world are educated, healthy, safe, counted, and positioned to be the next generation of leaders. 


During the school year the club meets with other Girl Up clubs across the country to host activities together. 


To join Girl Up visit this link.


Period poverty is what describes the struggle that many low income women and girls face while trying to afford the many menstrual products. Period poverty can also refer to the increased economic vulnerability women and girls face due the financial burden posed by menstrual supplies. 


The menstrual products don’t just include pads and tampons but also relate to the cost of pain medication and underwear. 


Anyone and everyone can attend this event to learn more about period poverty by using this link. It is held after Girl Up’s May meeting in Passler’s room which is NC201. 


Senior Gabriella Urban, along with Senior Madeleine Sayaovang, will be presenting this information to share, “the topic that is often overlooked and unknown to what many girls go through.” Urban says. 


Urban says, “Improving our knowledge of the subject helps spread awareness and bring attention to the things women go through when they lack adequate and proper period knowledge.”