2022 Best Buddies Friendship Walk

The Best Buddies Friendship Walk has been going on since 2009 in 60 different cities across the country. This year, the walk is Saturday, May 21st at the Rock Snow Park in Franklin Wisconsin (7011 S Ballpark Drive). Registration will be at 9:00 am and the walk will begin at 10:00 am. 


Best Buddies is a volunteer global organization dedicated to strengthening the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. It is a student run club. Best Buddies provides opportunities for one to one friendships, socialization opportunities, and the necessary tools for people with intellectual disabilities to become more independent. 


Special Ed Aide Christine Nettesheim sent an email out to Arrowhead staff about the upcoming Best Buddies Friendship Walk. In the email, Nettesheim said, “We are raising money for Best Buddies which supports inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” 


If you are interested in donating click here. Nettesheim’s fundraiser is currently at $90 out of a $100 dollar goal. The overall amount raised for Best Buddies Friendship Walk Wisconsin is $55,700.19 out of a $74,000 dollar goal. 


In Best Buddies there’s different roles: Peer Buddies and Associate Members. Peer Buddies makes a commitment to contact each other once a week. This can be face to face, email, or over the phone. They also make plans twice a month outside of the school to meet. This could be lunch, a movie, shopping, or attending sporting events. An Associate Member eats lunch with their  assigned buddy at least twice a month (lunch committee). Associate members are expected to participate in the monthly group social activity. 


Anyone can join, if you are interested in joining Best Buddies click here and fill out this form.