Arrowhead Forensics team headed to state

The Arrowhead forensics team is headed to state this weekend. About 25 students that qualified for state are leaving Friday after 6th period. 


The students are staying the Friday night at a hotel in Eau Claire and then head to the meet early the next morning. They will compete and then head back home late Saturday night. 


25 out of the 30-40 kids in forensics qualified for state. There are five captains that were qualified to go, along with their team manager. 


Lucy Duchac and Zara Agustin are two of the team captains for forensics and have been in it since middle school. Some things that they do as having the role as captain is they lead the team practices as well as helping people out during those practices. On meet days they do a pump up speech and conduct warm ups. They are also in charge of spirit day for their team.  


Olivia Fladhammer is the team manager and she as well has been in forensics since middle school and her role in the team is to plan the team activities and the meets that are hosted at arrowhead. She deals a lot with the organization in the team at meets and such. 


Rayan Elmergreen and Angela Rodenkirch are the teachers and supervisors of the forensics team. 


In forensics there are different categories students can enter in to win. Each category is done through a process of three rounds before moving on to the power round where the judges decide the winner. 


Duchac is in the oratory category where she writes about a problem and then a solution to it, while having to memorize her whole paper for the ten minute time frame. 


Duchac says, “I am really nervous but also really excited and sad because it’s my last meet because I am a senior.” 


Agustin is in the poetry category where she is required to write a poem based on many different poems and read this paper off to the judges. 


Agustin says it’s her first state meet ever and is really nervous. She says, “I like the freedom I have being a captain and helping the underclassman and I also love my category poetry because I am able to contribute so many themes and such.” 


Fladhammer is in the informative speech (speaking) category where she has to write a speech as opposed to acting out something. 


Fladhammer says that this is going to be a really big moment not just for the state team but for herself and her fellow seniors.


Fladhammer also says that she is, “shocked that the season and school year is almost over and can’t believe the amount of friendships and support she has gotten from her team.”