AHS Earth Club Sponsors Tree-Plenish Program

An email was sent out to staff members by science teacher and Earth Club adviser Dennis Mechenich.  This email was in regards to free trees passed out by earth club members.


In the email it says there’s 400 saplings available, so teachers should order as soon as they can. The purpose of the free trees is to help some of the schools paper usage by distributing tree samples. Click this link to order your free tree.


The orders needed to be placed by March 23rd. The saplings are about two to three feet tall. There are three different saplings you could get: Sugar maple, Eastern Redbud, and White Spruce). The trees will need to be picked up at school on April 23rd. 


Earth club is to promote environmental awareness. This extracurricular is student led and has a meeting once a month. This club meets the 2nd Monday of every month. To join this club you need to pay a $20 fee. 


This club expects members to attend an organized event that you sign up for, provide ideas, attend regularly scheduled meetings, and accumulate at least 10 points to be considered as an active member. You get one point for the meeting and two points for the event. Students can join this club at any point in the year.


In the past Earth club has participated in the Homecoming parade cleanup, planted three trees on campus, and students cut and cleared buckthorn in the AHS forest. 


Mechenich said, “Thank you for helping Earth Club lessen Arrowhead’s environmental impact.”