Arrowhead’s Girl Up Celebrates Women’s History Month


March is Women’s History Month and Arrowhead’s GirlUp is celebrating with this year’s theme: #breakthebias. 


In honor of the #breakthebias theme, members of GirlUp put up signs to put on lockers. These signs contain quotes that are supposed to break gender norms. 


Some of the quotes on the signs are “Watch your language!- ‘You ____ like a girl.’ Girls and Women are not the default.” Another one says, “Your gender doesn’t define your interests; your interests do not define your gender.”


Jennifer Passler, an English teacher at Arrowhead is the advisor of GirlUp and put this on in order to promote “a world where difference is valued and celebrated and a world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.” 


Locker decorations were put up on Tuesday, March 1st. Teachers were also asked to present a slide shows to their students, with whatever slide they feel resonates with them. 


Passler said to teachers in an email, “Please consider sharing this message with students in any way that works for you, in your daily slides, as discussion points, as displayed in your classroom or office.”


Jack Ziemann, a junior said, “I think with the posters on the lockers, it’s a good way to spread awareness over the month, because not many people know it’s Women’s history month, especially with guys, so I think it’s a great way to spread awareness and learn more about it, it is really great quotes, and it really could help others out if they need it.”


Next Week GirlUp is unveiling a new mural, Passler said, “We created it with the Engineering Club — it’s a mural to celebrate world leaders who stand for equality, diversity, and unity. We will also be giving away free candy the last week of March — to celebrate Women’s History Month.”


Passler said, “We aren’t exactly sure about next year, we usually follow the theme on”