2022 DECA District Competition Update

Audrey Grindatti and Reagan Oestreich

An email was sent out to staff members by Marketing and Business teacher, Steven Melzer. Melzer sent this email out thanking everyone who has supported DECA during Hawksfest, Marketing Nights, and community service activities. 


In the email he attached a link regarding the latest district competition.


Arrowhead DECA has qualified 36 students for the 2022 DECA State Career Development Conference, which will be held February 22-25 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. DECA qualifiers from Arrowhead competed to show how well they can apply what they’ve learned about marketing, management, finance, and entrepreneurship to real-world business problems.


Students had to compete in a marketing event which consisted of an exam and two presentation role-plays.


Here is a list from the first place winners from the most recent competition as well as what they competed in. Found in the press release sent out by Melzer:


Raymond Wang (Business Law and Ethics Team)

Lily Liu (Business Law and Ethics Team)

Cara Wellentin (Business Services Marketing)

Sam Jackson (Restaurant and Food Service)

Shriya Katta (Marketing Communications)

Emmet Jones (Sports and Entertainment)

Gavin Dai (Principles of Business Management and Admin)


Senior Cara Wellentin said, “I really love competing! It is a great experience for the real world and really challenges me to use the things I’ve learned and apply them in a more real life experience.”


DECA is an organization of marketing and entrepreneurship. DECA includes related school and work based learning. It provides students with many skills and knowledge to be able to succeed in the global economy. DECA includes career interests such as marketing management, entrepreneurship. It’s also a local, state, and national organization. 


The Arrowhead website explains how joining Deca has many benefits to students future career:


  • Enables students to achieve high academic and occupational standards
  • Develops meaningful partnerships.
  • Develops school and community leaders.
  • Enhances student self-esteem and self-confidence.   


To join DECA students must be a sophomore, junior or senior and must be enrolled in a marketing class. Some marketing classes are: Marketing and Business, Entrepreneurship Venture, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, and Sales & Advertising. Students also must pay the enrollment fee of $12.


If you have any questions or would like to consider joining DECA, please contact Steve Melzer. [email protected]