AHS Senior Robbed While at Work


Alex Stahl, Reporter

On Friday, October 29th at 9pm, Arrowhead senior Sophie Illman left her shift at Palmers in Hartland, Wisconsin to find that all her car doors had been opened. Her car had been broken into and she had been robbed. 


Illman had just finished her shift when she headed down to the parking lot behind the restaurant. She immediately noticed that all four doors of her Jeep were opened. 


Everything in Illman’s car was thrown around and drinks were spilled. She went back inside to tell her manager and call the police. 


Illman said, “I was honestly so angry yet confused at the same time, it was just baffling that it happened to me.”


When she returned back to the car she noticed the cars around her had all their windows smashed. 


Illman said, “There were about four other cars around mine that the windows smashed. My car wasn’t locked so that probably saved me from my windows being smashed.”


There are currently no updates or names given from other car owners whose windows were smashed.


Here is the list of all items stolen from her car:

  • North Face backpack
  • two binders
  • pair of James Hardens (shoes)
  • pair of D’Rose- (shoes)
  • Macbook air
  • Airpods
  • phone chargers
  • TI-83 calculator
  • volleyball bag


Her registration and insurance were still in the car.


A police report was filed, but there are currently no leads in the case other than the Macbook pinged in Milwaukee. 


The Hartland Police department called the Milwaukee Police department but according to the Hartland Department, Office Bell, the officer assigned to her case said, “It is unlikely that Milwaukee will take this case over.”


There are currently no other updates regarding the situation, and there has been no word from the other car owners whose windows were smashed. 


Illman said, “This was definitely a learning experience and if I could say something to anyone, lock your car doors.”