Arrowhead Clubs Participate in Hartland Trunk or Treat

Lindsay Martin, Reporter

The 36th annual Hartland Business Chamber Trunk or Treat is taking place on October 22, 2021 from 6-8:00 pm, and more information regarding the event is available at


Arrowhead High School’s Trunk or Treat will be taking place this year, but it will look different than it has in years past.


Typically, Arrowhead’s event would be hosted by DECA, their nationally recognized marketing team.  However, not enough members were willing or able to participate due to the timing.


The Village of Hartland still wanted Arrowhead to participate, and invited clubs to have a decorated booth (car, stand, or tent) in the Hartland Public Library parking lot during their trunk-or-treat event .


However, some clubs are experiencing the same problems as DECA.  Kevin Lewandowski, staff supervisor of Warhawk Interact, said, “Our group had plans to do the Trunk or Treat portion of this event on top of helping the Chamber of Commerce with their trick or treat but we don’t know if we have the member support to help with this.” 


Student participation is vital to the success of the event.


Barb Whyte, staff supervisor of Arrowhead’s Peers4Peers club reported that they “will be taking part in Trunk or Treat this year.”  More information regarding their participation is pending.


Many clubs have decided not to participate in the Trunk or Treat this year.


Elizabeth Schueth, staff supervisor of the German Club, stated that “German Club is not participating in the Trick or Treat.” 


Other club supervisors have reported that they are not participating in the event, including Terri Carnell of Writing Club, Jeanne Psket of Spanish Club, Katie Hermann of Mock Trial, and Rayen Elmergreen of Forensics.


The following business locations, according to the Village of Hartland’s official website, are participating in the Trick or Treat, in addition to Arrowhead’s clubs: West Capitol Drive, Cottonwood Avenue, Cardinal Lane, East Capitol Drive, Church Street, North Avenue, Hartbrook Drive, and Merton Avenue.