GSA Welcomes All At AHS

GSA is an extracurricular club that is an acronym for Gay-Straight Alliance at Arrowhead. GSA is a club that works to promote a safe and respectful school environment for all students who are of the LGBTQ+ community. 


Nick Pflieger, the advisor of Arrowhead GSA, makes sure that all members are accepting and follow through with their actions outside of club meetings. GSA strives to promote a place where people feel safe regardless of everyone’s differences. According to Arrowhead High School GSA is beneficial to those who are LGBTQ+ to have those that are straight promote a respectful environment for them, and it benefits those that are straight to understand the difficulties and celebrations associated with those who are LGBTQ+. 


Senior Vivian Powers states, “Joining GSA would be a great experience because you would be part of a group that has its arms open and always accepting of our differences. We talk about how to make a change, learn about LGBTQ history, and how to make Arrowhead a safe school for everyone.”. 


GSA has meetings regularly. They meet the first Tuesday of every month from 2:45-3:30 in lab A. To sign up for GSA you can email Mr. Pfliegger, show up to a meeting with a friend, or email Vivian Powers, the president!


Senior Vinnie Miels says, “I think that GSA benefits the school in many ways. The main way is that it creates awareness and a safer space for LGBTQ+ people, especially young people. It is a place for them to be open without being judged and you do not have to be scared to be outed. In general, just bringing awareness and educating people on different identities and I feel like people do not understand how many LGBTQ+ people there are at Arrowhead.”


GSA also takes on events outside of the school as well. They participated in the Arrowhead Homecoming parade and are also participating in Trunk or Treat. 

Pflieger says, “GSA is also very thankful for all the generous donations they have just received whether it be money, flags, or candy.”