Recruiting Peers4Peers

Peers4Peers is a social club designed to help support students. The main purpose is to bring awareness to student mental and physical health across America.


Peers4Peers mentors are connected to the community. They commit to being alcohol and drug free in order to create  healthy role models. Beyond helping students veer away from unhealthy substances, Peers4Peers are supposed to be open and available to help support struggling classmates. 


The Arrowhead Union High School webpage says, “Peers take an active role in the school throughout the year, including serving as mentors for the WINGS Freshman Orientation Program.” 


There are four roles present in the Peers4Peers club:

1) The Peer Leader trains other Peers to increase their leadership skills. 

2) Peer Educators help students provide information regarding drugs, risky behaviors, and alcohol. 

3) Peer Supporters are given the information to better understand social support. This helps Peers to learn how to apply these skills to real life situations regarding other Arrowhead students. 

4)Peer Mentors work on building relationships with students younger than themselves and other Peer members. 


Applications for this club open every year in April. Once the application is completed, students will be considered for the next school year. 


The application process is as follows: complete application, get a teacher referral, and then attend a face to face interview with a Peers4Peers advisor. 


Peers4Peers Advisors: Barb Whyte [email protected] and Thomas Stuber [email protected]


Peers4Peers Application