Former student at Arrowhead on Lakefront Bargain Hunt.

Tim Gliniecki, a Spanish and German teacher at Arrowhead’s daughter Sarah was on the Lakefront Bargain Hunt show September 26th, 2021 on HGTV. 


Sarah and her family of six have returned from deployment in South Korea and are looking to put down their roots in Lake Arrowhead in Georgia. 


Sarah got the opportunity on this television show through her realtor. The relator has worked with HGTV in the past and HGTV reached out to see if she had any clients that would be interested, Sarah had said yes. 


Lakefront Bargain Hunt is a show for house hunters who want to find the lakefront property of their dreams without breaking their bank. 


Gliniecki said he didn’t do much to help Sarah prepare for the show. He says, “The only thing I did to help was watch her kids (my grandson’s) during the initial interview.” 


Gliniecki also said, “It is just surreal to see someone close to you on a tv show.” 


The episode Sarah and her family are featured in is season 11, episode 11 of Lakefront Bargain Hunt,  and can be watched on Hulu, HGTV channel, Youtube Tv, and Sling.