Last Weeks 2021-2022 Hawkettes Tryouts

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

Tuesday, May 25 was the first day of Hawkette tryouts for next year’s 2021-2022 school year. Tryouts were held at South Campus from Tuesday the 25th to Thursday, May 27th.


An email was sent out by head Coach Jen Strauss including some important information for students looking to try out. Students were asked to arrive at the Upper South Campus gym around 6:15 pm to sign in and get ready before getting started at 6:30. 


The email highlighted some important info for dancers including bringing a water bottle, not wearing jewelry, no spectators attending, where auditions were held, and a reminder to bring completed audition form. 


Junior Anna Tweeden says, “I am really looking forward to dancing my senior year. It is so interesting to see how things have changed and developed since being on the team since a freshman.” 


Another email was sent by Coach Jen Strauss on Friday, May 28th congratulating and sharing the 2021-2022 dancers listed below: 


Senior Samantha Fraser
Senior Ashley Renner
Senior Grace Schneider
Senior Gracie Talbot
Senior Anna Tweeden
Junior Brooke Hafferman
Junior Grace Hooge
Junior Alayna Judd
Junior Bre Kopatich
Junior Kennedy Mann
Junior Bri McLaughlin
Junior Arianna Scaffidi
Junior Lily Wakefield
Sophomore Grace Hamilton
Sophomore Hayley Indermuehle
Sophomore Tierney Nevermann
Freshman Rylee Wessley
Freshman Kennedy Klubertanz
Freshman Virginia Lang
Freshman Aly Maffucci
Freshman Kaitlin Menz
Freshman Ella Serwin
Freshman Brooke Sexton