Student Senate 2021 Election Results


Alex Stahl, reporter

Arrowhead’s Student Senate held their executive board elections virtually on May 26th, 2021. Thirteen students ran for 10 spots. Some students ran unopposed for positions including President, Reporter, and Keeper of the Points. 

Arrowhead students were sent out a Google Form in which freshman, sophomores, and juniors could vote.

Student Senate is the co-curricular activity at Arrowhead High School that serves as the student government.  It provides students with opportunities to exercise leadership skills, express ideas, and get involved with the community. Senate is in charge of prom, spirit weeks, homecoming, and other school hosted events. The current faculty advisors for Student Senate are Tamara Lindmair, Shanna Hechimovich, and Kristen Falker.

If you are interested in applying for Student Senate, Applications close June 4th and if you are looking for more information on Student Senate you can visit their website.

Election results were posted to the Arrowhead Student Senate instagram(@studentsenateahs) and the results were as also obtained from there as follows:


President: Kara Nixdorf (rising senior)

Vice President: Kyle Staus (rising senior)

Treasurer: Langdon Gryglas (rising senior)

Secretary: Shega Case (rising junior)

Reporter: Grace Fitzgerald (rising junior)

Keeper of the Points: Abby Sinitz (rising senior)

Junior Representative: Bella Samz (rising junior)

Junior Representative: Ellie Siepmann (rising junior)

Sophomore Representative: Cadence Klaustermeier (rising sophomore)

Sophomore Representative: Sylvia Purko (rising sophomore)


Grace Fitzgerald, a sophomore at Arrowhead and the incoming Reporter said, “I made it clear that I was running for Reporter. In my speech and in my party statement I made clear what my intentions were for next year and why I wanted to be on the Executive Board. I wrote on some of the classroom boards to vote for me and also advertised over the announcements at South. I also made some posters to hang up around the school. Some of my friends also helped me by posting me on their social media.” 

Most of the students running for board, went and took action by promoting themselves on social media.

Kyle Staus, a junior at Arrowhead and incoming Vice President said, “I spread the word about my campaign, printed campaign posters and put them around the school, and put my content on social media frequently before elections.”

Abby Sinitz, a junior here at Arrowhead and incoming Keeper of the Points said,  “My current plans for next year are to really work hard to bring a lot of Arrowhead’s favorite events back. Obviously, due to Covid, a lot of Student Senate led events were canceled, so I am really excited to revive school spirit and bring these events back next year!” 

Due to Covid-19, Student Senate was unable to host many events, such as homecoming. Next year, Senate is hoping to be able to host the events that they were unable to this year and include many more. As Staus said, “I plan to expand and concise general membership involvement and participation, and run the events and delegation of committees full throttle coming out of COVID!”

Cadence Klaustermeier, a current freshman at Arrowhead, and incoming sophomore representative said, “ I intend to work on ways to incorporate a more intimate relationship between the student senate and the student body. I take my role as a sophomore representative  seriously, and I am trying to find ways to include more outsourced opinions and ideas to understand what the majority is looking for with our events so we can exceed expectations. Next year, I’m most excited to collaborate with the executive board. It’s filled with such amazing people, and I can’t wait to help create the events next year from a more involved position.”