New DECA Leadership Team

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

This years’ DECA leadership officers and team members have been announced. 


The DECA leadership team provides leadership to the entire DECA chapter. There are eleven officers for the 2021-2022 school year. 

President: Kyle Staus 

VP Community Service: Lauren Peterson 

VP Store Operations: Cassidy Roche

VP Accounting: Raymond Wang & Emmet Jones

VP Social Media Marketing: Sam Jackson 

VP Public Relations: Elizabeth Bolton 

VP Special Events: Ella Schieble 


Assistant Special Events Coordinator: Ella Beaumier 

Assistant Store Manager: Lauren Burkhart 

South Campus Chapter Coordinators: Shirya Katta, Cadence Klaustermeier, & Lily Lu


The Leadership Team is made up of fourteen students:

Madison Prusow

Cara Wellentin

Sydney Marsh

Noelle Longstreth

Lauren Burkhart 

Hunter Phippen 

Savannah Kastner 

Cadence Klaustermeier 

Lily Lu 

Ella Beaumier 

Alan Whitmeyer 

Lily Wakefield 

Emma Ott 

Shirya Katta


DECA President Kyle Staus says, “ I am extremely excited to be working as a leader and facilitator of Arrowhead DECA as president! It is going to be a lot, but it will also be loads of fun. I am super excited about what we all have in store with HawkFest, competitions, leadership, the school store, community service, and much more! I am confident that we can truly take this year to the next level!”