Best Buddies Hosted Friendship Walk

Olivia Bartman, Reporter


The Arrowhead Best Buddies club participated in a Friendship Walk fundraiser for the Best Buddies organization.  The statewide event took place on Saturday, May 15th, at 10am.  Livestream participation options, as well as in-person events, were available due to Covid-19.  


Participants who chose to take part in the in-person event met in the Froedtert Hospital Campus parking lot in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Various walks took place throughout the state for different chapters of the organization.  


Arrowhead Best Buddies adviser and staff member Christine Nettesheim invited staff to join for the walk.  Approximately 40 participants attended the event, including students and Buddies.  Arrowhead members met in the South Campus student parking lot at 10am and walked to Hartbrook Park in Hartland.


Arrowhead Best Buddies president junior Rebecca Kaminski said, “Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun at the park, especially the buddies. I saw smiles on everyone’s faces.” 


Over 40,000 walkers nationwide participated in a Friendship Walk program.  The statewide program came close to reaching their fundraising goal of $65,000, receiving $64,449.56 in donations.  Donations were accepted in cash or check at the Froedtert event or could be sent to local Best Buddies offices.


Kaminski encouraged students to participate in future Best Buddies events, saying, “This year has been tough on everyone but it has been especially tough for the buddies. These events are a great way for them to feel included and do something fun with their peers. The more students that participate in events the more interactions our buddies get to have with their peers.” 

Students interested in taking part in Best Buddies events next year can contact adviser Christine Nettesheim via email at [email protected]