Landscape Ecology Sells Plants


Haley Hazod, Reporter

The Landscape Ecology Class is holding its 12th annual Plant Sale. Greg Bisbee is a teacher at Arrowhead who instructs Biology, Landscape Ecology, and Biotechnology. The sale started when the class began in 2010.


Bisbee has been teaching at Arrowhead High School since 1992. Before teaching at Arrowhead, he taught at Riverside University High School (which is part of Milwaukee Public Schools) for four years.


The class usually receives 50-60 orders a year and sells 800-1200+ plants. The plants range in price from $1.00 to $5.50. The Plant Sale includes tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and perennial wildflowers.


The class plants and manges the seeds. Later in the semester, the class labels them and gets them ready for sale. Bisbee waters the plants.


“Most of our customers are faculty and staff and relatives, some students and parents, and a few community members who just know about the sale and want to support AHS,” said Bisbee.


Bisbee promotes gardners use native plants. He says he’s proud of the sale’s native plant selections, including perennial wildflowers.


Bisbee said, “Native plants have disappeared from our landscapes and natives are the plants that feed caterpillars (moths and butterflies) which in turn feed most (about 96% of terrestrial species) of the baby birds out there.  So if you care about summer fireflies and butterflies, bees, frogs, toads, salamanders, and our native birds, GROW NATIVE!!!”