DECA Hosts March Madness Contest


Haley Hazod, Reporter

DECA held their March Madness Charity Contest again. The DECA Chapter and Leadership Team came up with the idea to do a contest for charity years ago. Everyone was welcome to enter.


“This has been a DECA tradition for years,” said senior Dalton Hribar.


Senior Kai Littaritz said, “The contest started on March 18 and went on until April 5. The contest was fairly simple. People paid $1 and in return received an invitation to Arrowhead DECA March Madness bracket. Participants then filled out a March Madness basketball bracket, in hope[s] of winning.” The top three brackets won gift baskets. The baskets contained gift cards and candy.


The three winners from 2021 were Kyle Staus, Josie (unknown), and Zach Hribar. There were over 100 people who entered the contest this year. There was a bracket setup in the cafeteria this year.


To enter the contest there was a $1 submission fee. The money raised went to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) charity. After submitting the payment, each person filled out a bracket for the NCAA tournament.


“We have done this almost every year now, except for last year because there was no tournament because of Covid,” said Littaritz.