AHS Earth Club Starts A Podcast


Lexi Morgan, Reporter

Earth Up is the name of the brand-new podcast brought to listeners by different members of the Arrowhead Earth Club. Every other week, an episode is uploaded by a member to Spotify talking about different issues and topics revolving around the Earth’s health.

Allie Farris, a sophomore, first brought the idea of a podcast to the Earth Club faculty advisors and President Addison Burkhart, a senior.

Burkhart states, “She’s done an amazing job, as I believe it was a much larger undertaking than she realized. Nevertheless, she’s shown exceptional perseverance and leadership skills—recording, editing, writing scripts, recruiting others, and so much more for the amazing new series of Podcasts.”

The first episode was uploaded on February 1st, introducing the podcast and stating its goal, describing it would offer tips and tricks to save the Earth, facts, and stories.

Farris spoke in the first episode, and described the goal of the podcast as “…looking to educate our youth and our world about the pressing issues of our ecosystem.”

That episode also went into recycling. The speaker talked about the importance of recycling and which materials are recyclable and which aren’t.

The second episode was about the Paris Climate Agreement, uploaded on February 8th. 

This episode was done by a different Earth Club member, and Burkhart described how members go about signing up to do an episode.

Burkhart states, “Initially, we sent out an interest form to our members, which asked if they would be interested in creating a podcast, and what areas they might want to explore. All of the topics are heavily researched to present accurate information and be educational. Once the podcast project was rolling, Allie created a calendar and sign-up sheet filled with each date we are going to post, and a suggested topic. Overall, the process is quite fluid as we want the podcast to represent the environmental topics that our members are passionate about. All Earth Club Members have the ability to be on the podcast if they would like and have a discussion about the environmental topics of their choice.”

The third and newest episode, uploaded February 16, contains a special guest, author of Empowered: One Planet At A Time, Patty Dreier talks about the stories that led to the book’s creation.

The episode description states, “Patty challenges the youth of today to get involved and stand up to the challenges we face.”

Arrowhead’s Earth Club also received 80 books Dreier donated, and the members are happy to give out a copy if anyone would like to read them.

Burkhart praised the podcast, stating “Overall, I’ve heard that staff, parents, and students have been very impressed by the podcast—I certainly have been! It gives me hope for this generation and our need for environmental education.”