Celebrating Black History Month


Olivia Bartman, Reporter

The Multicultural Student Union will be raising awareness for Black History Month all throughout February.   The Arrowhead club has created informational posters and flyers about the month to educate students.


“Black History Month is a way to recognize and honor the important historical figures that helped shape the United States today. Lots of history, especially Black history, becomes lost because not many people are recognizing it and teaching it,” said club leader Jamilah Arabiyat.


The club decided to celebrate Black History Month during a meeting last year.  They originally planned on organizing an event for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but decided to spend the entire month of February bringing awareness to Black history.


Arabiyat said, “It is important for Arrowhead to still be aware of issues of different groups of people. Even though Arrowhead isn’t a very diverse school, being educated and learning about different cultures and addressing movements like Black Lives Matter will help improve many of the problems and show that we are all human beings in the end.”


Students interested in joining the Multicultural Student Union can contact a student leader or club advisor Debra Paradowski via email.  Meetings are conducted after school monthly on Wednesdays and can be accessed via Zoom.


The Multicultural Student Union was created during the 2020 school year by current seniors Jamilah Arabiyat, Sabrina Araque, and Jaedyn Eschelweck.  Araque says that the club’s goal is to “raise awareness of cultures and ethnicities that are within our school.”


“We wanted to be a safe place to have conversations about various topics like diversity and inclusion,” Araque said. 


Arabiyat, Araque, and Eschelweck developed the concept of the Multicultural Student Union during their sophomore year, but the club was not implemented until the following year.  The three hope to utilize their remaining time leading the club by painting a mural in the school by the end of the year.