Passler Raises Awareness for Teen Dating Violence


Alex Stahl, Reporter

February 1st marked the beginning of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Jennifer Passler, an English teacher at Arrowhead, and the Girl Up Club advisor is raising awareness towards this topic as well as providing resources.

Around the school, flyers and posters have been put up by members of Girl Up to help promote awareness; slideshows are presented in study halls.

Did you know that 1.5 million teens experience dating abuse each year, yet only 33% ask for help? This is one of the statistics that have been put in slideshows sent to staff members to show to students, as well as posters for students to see around the school. Slideshows, posters, and flyers all contained similar information.

In support of this month, students and staff are asked to wear orange on February 9th, and Passler is handing out orange ribbon for students to wear, whether it’s around their wrists, or tied to their backpacks.

If students would like to get a ribbon, students can go to room N201. 

Passler said, “Come by anytime, I would stop class at any time to give someone a ribbon.”

Julia Seidl, a junior at Arrowhead said, “I haven’t gotten a ribbon yet, but I am planning on it. This month means a lot to me and to students everywhere. Teen dating violence really is no joke, and over this month I plan on talking about this topic to people I care a lot about, I would never want this to happen to any of my friends.”

Another way that Girl Up is promoting awareness this month is they are holding a Zoom presentation which is led by a counselor from the Women’s Center. Girl Up meets once a month and if you are interested in joining Girl Up, email [email protected] for more information. 

 Passler said, “The focus will be teen dating violence and the development of healthy relationships. It’s scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25 at 3:30.” Here is the link to the Zoom meeting

The week of February 8-12 is respect week at Arrowhead. Over this week, the Arrowhead Girl Up Instagram(@girluparrowhead) will be posting all about how important respect is and other information as well. 

If you are looking for more information about this month, go to