Arrowhead Yearbook Includes Staff Awards Section, Other Changes Due to Covid


Olivia Bartman, Reporter

Arrowhead’s 2020-21 yearbook will contain new features, including a Staff Awards page.  


According to an email sent out by Yearbook advisor Jana Danay, the Staff Awards page will be similar to the popular Senior Superlatives page.  It will “feature some of our staff members in various categories,” says Danay.  

Categories include Best Teacher Duo, Beard/Facial Hair, Sense of Humor, School Spirit, Dressed, and Classroom.  Students can also nominate teachers for “Most Likely to…” awards, such as “Most likely to be mistaken as a student.”


All students and staff received an email containing an explanation of the voting process and a link to the survey on January 21st.  The survey will close February 5th.


Alicia Bouton, a senior, designed the Staff Awards section.  She said, “The inspiration was the student awards page. I thought it would be a lot of fun to include the staff and give them an opportunity to be picked for some fun awards such as most likely to win a rap battle.”


Other new features for the 2020-2021 yearbook include favorite action shots, birth year retrospective, and facemask fun, says Bouton.  


Students were also asked to share their post-high school decisions for a page in the yearbook.  Seniors received a survey via email which asked about their plans for after high school, where they will be living, and what made them decide to take their chosen route.


The yearbook staff has had to adapt to the pandemic.  The new features were added to make up for usual sections lost due to Covid-19.


“There are definitely fewer smiles shown due to the masks and it has been harder to obtain pictures at games due to the covid restrictions,” said Bouton.


Students can check their school email addresses to receive updates and information requests from the yearbook staff.