What is going on in Video and Animation

Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

On January 27, the Video and Animation classes began creating sets out of  Lego bricks for stop-motion films. This project is happening in room N152. 


Cara Mooney Glakowski teaches the Video and Animation class. The Video and Animation class is about learning how to create different types of videos and animations. This includes filming stop-motion videos of different types of sets. 


Juniors and seniors are able to sign up for the Video and Animation class.


Sabrina Araque, a senior, said, “In my Video Animation class, we are currently working on a stop-motion film using Legos, I am super excited for this project because we get to work on it with a partner, build our own sets using the lego bricks, and put together a super cool video.”


Some of the sets being created for the stop-motion films are about racing and animals. Each of the sets include different characters such as the Lego people and Lego animals and each set has its own scene that it is being created on. 


Every Lego bricks set that is being created has a plot that goes with the set to help the stop-motion filming of the set go well.


The application that will be used to help work on and complete the stop-motion filming of the sets is called Stop-motion Pro.


The stop-motion filming of the sets will be started on February 2nd and completed on February 4th.