Warhawk Interact Spreads Holiday Cheer to Local Nursing Home

Olivia Bartman, Reporter

Members of Arrowhead’s Warhawk Interact club sent Christmas cards to Heritage Homes, an assisted living facility in Watertown, to spread holiday cheer this December.  Members of the club created handmade cards and included positive messages to send to the residents. 


Warhawk Interact member Olivia Boray, a junior, said, “This project was started in order to show people who are living in nursing homes that they are not alone in this hard time and that even if they can’t see their families, they still can find ways of happiness.”


The project began when a community member whose mother lived at the facility reached out to Warhawk Interact in December 2020. 


Warhawk Interact is Arrowhead’s Key Club, a volunteer organization sponsored by Rotary International.  Arrowhead’s website says, “Warhawk Interact assists the local Rotary club and other organizations with carrying out their missions to help others.  Members of Warhawk Interact perform acts of service in their communities such as collecting school supplies, organizing food drives, or cleaning up parks.  They also learn leadership skills by planning projects, running meetings, and holding elected leadership positions.”


Sophomore Stefanie Sardina said, “I wrote the letter because I wanted to let others know that they were not the only ones who had to spend Christmas differently this year. I wanted to write to them to cheer them up. This project was important because I wanted them to know that they are thought of, cared for, and loved. I didn’t want them spending Christmas alone thinking nobody cares about them.”

Letters included introductions, student artwork, and well wishes.  


Sardinia said, “I grabbed some colorful paper and art supplies. I cut out snowflakes and trees to make Christmas decorations on the cards.”


Arrowhead staff member Julie Brzozowski responded on behalf of Heritage Homes, saying, “They did an absolutely incredible job with their cards and letters.  The thoughtfulness and creativity that went into creating all those handmade cards and letters was phenomenal.”


Students interested in learning more about Warhawk Interact can contact advisors Kevin Lewandowski and Kelly Hassler.