Warhawk Manufacturing Selling Christmas Pieces


Photo Credits to Anthony Christian

Haley Hazod, Reporter

Warhawk Manufacturing is a class offered at Arrowhead High School. In this class students learn how to plan and develop business plans. They engineer and manufacturer products to be sold through their businesses. Students have to take at least one other technology education class before enrolling in Warhawk Manufacturing. 


This is the second year the Warhawk Manufacturing class has been offered. This year, the class started their Christmas sale November 10, 2020, and will be going until the week of December 6, 2020. To order items from Warhawk Manufacturing, visit their website: warhawk manufacturing.ecwid.com.


This year there are many options to purchase from Warhawk Manufacturing. The items for sale this winter season are a Reindeer Yard Decoration ($80), Yardzee/Farkle ($30), Tempered Glass and Metal Table ($250), Wooden Wreath ($30), Arrowhead Coaster Set ($20), AHS “A on a Stick” ($40), Pallet Trees ($30), Joy Sign ($75), and Sleigh ($120).


The teachers for the class are Anthony Christian and Jeff Luetschwager. According to Christian, the teachers are the students’ bosses. Christian says Warhawk Manufacturing has a sales business and group that goes off-site to build little sheds. This adds a new aspect and learning experience to the class.


Christian said, “My role as instructor is just to kind of steer the ship.”


The students in the class come up with their business plan for the Christmas sale. Students come up with ideas, plans, costs, sales, and their own website. Each student has their own business this year because of the circumstances.


The class does performance reviews just like in a typical job setting. The class works to reach their goals and if a student is struggling to help reach it the teachers assist to fix the issue.


According to the Warhawk Manufacturing website, the students get to keep 90 percent of the profits they make as scholarships.


“My favorite part about the class is the team aspect of it, that we all have to work together in order to complete a common objective and work together towards our sales goals,” Proell said.


Proell’s role in the sale is the engineering for the products. He hopes to go to Madison or Marquette to possibly major in mechanical engineering.


The class is planning to do a spring sale later this year, possibly in February and would end in April or May.