Changes and new activities for the Investment Club

Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

During January 2019, the Investment Club was created. Jack Richards and Jack Karge, two former Arrowhead students, created the Investment Club. Arrowhead business teachers, Julie Schwartz and Christie Klun are the current staff advisors for the Investment Club.


This September, the Investment Club opened for the 2020-2021 school year. The Investment Club is about individuals and teams investing capital (fake money) in the Wisconsin Economic Stock Market Stimulation.


Schwartz said, “Jack Richards and Jack Karge, previous Arrowhead students were very interested in the financial world and wanted to create a club for other students who had the same interests.”  


Karge and Richards approached Ryan Mangan, AHS activities director, with their interest in creating an Investment Club. Mangan asked them to come up with a plan and mission statement, find teacher advisors and then present all of this information to the school board for approval.


The Investment Club had their first meeting of this year on September 22. The Investment Club meets in room N145 from 2:45 p.m.-3:30 p.m once a month. 


Meetings were held on October 6 and November 10. The next meeting will be on December 8. Students can join the Investment Club by contacting Klun or Schwartz.


Schwartz said, “This year there are more leadership positions to open opportunities for student involvement. Also new is a Zoom link for members who are not able to attend in person.” 


When the Investment Club meets up, team leaders run the meetings and there are investment presentations with something new taught to club members.


The challenges for the Investment Club is that the game is played online which helped create a smooth transition and the continued use of technology has allowed students to attend meetings virtually when necessary. The biggest challenge for the Investment Club was choosing students for leadership positions.