2nd Quarter Changes Learning Mode

Thomas Arndorfer and Jordan Miller

On October 30th, 2020, Sue Casetta, Director of Learning at Arrowhead High School, and Kim Dion, Student & Staff Learning Secretary of Arrowhead High School, sent out separate emails to all staff at Arrowhead High School in relation to second quarter learning mode changes.


Dion’s email includes how the process of changing learning formats (virtual, in-person, hybrid) will begin, estimated statistics on students changing their learning formats, and other expectations for the learning formats.  


Casetta, in her email said “Kim Dion is beginning the process right now of making changes in Skyward for the learning mode choices for students for quarter 2.”  Students can see quarter 2 changes in Skyward for those switching learning modes this quarter.


Also stated in the email are statistics on changes from virtual to in-person.  Dion says she believes Arrowhead had 265 changes for the second quarter and 68.4% of those students are returning to in-person learning (around 180 students), while the other 31.6% are moving to virtual (around 85 students).


Casetta stated, when asked in an email interview, “we have 2088 students at Arrowhead.”  


Dion’s email states that (as of November 2nd, 2020) 299 students are quarantined with 16 active COVID cases, and 630 students are learning virtually by choice.  This means that around 14.3% of the student body is in quarantine, while around 30.2% of students are virtual by choice, totalling an estimated 44.5% of students learning virtually.


These percentages are estimates, as Casetta’s student count was taken seven days after Dion’s email about COVID case statistics.  Casetta said “Each week is different, cases go up and down– We currently have 8 active COVID cases.”


For more accurate statistics, Arrowhead High School COVID-19 Data Metrics can also be found on the Arrowhead website by navigating to the resources tab and then clicking “COVID-19 Communication.”  These statistics are updated at least every Wednesday.


Ethan Damon, a student at Arrowhead High School, says “obviously it’s not the easiest thing to do because they’ve never had to deal with something like this. But I feel that they’re doing a good job in the not most ideal situation.”


Casetta said, “our teachers have performed nothing short of miracles throughout this pandemic—in accommodating both in person and virtual learners at the same time—especially through the first quarter.”  


Casetta’s email continues, “I would also mention that all of our staff continue to be very cautious and safe in the classroom (distanced and masked), and do what they can to keep themselves and students stay as safe as possible.”