Student Senate Hosts Annual Food Drive


Olivia Bartman, Reporter

Student Senate is hosting a food drive to benefit the Hartland and North Lake food pantries.  The drive will run from Wednesday, October 28th until Wednesday, November 11th.  


North Campus and South Campus students will be competing against each other to bring in the most items.  


Students can bring in their nonperishable items to the library, study hall, or greeting areas at their respective campuses.  


Accommodations have been made for students attending classes virtually.  Virtual students can drop off food at the office of either campus, according to Arrowhead teacher Kristen Falkner, who is organizing the event with Student Senate this year.  


The event is largely led by students.  Senate members sign up to participate in events, one of which being the food drive.  Student leaders contact local food pantries to determine where to donate the items.  Other roles include making and distributing signs, food collecting, and delivery.  


Student leader sophomore Bella Samz said, “Donating now is more important than most other times. People are still struggling and getting back on their feet after the long quarantine in the spring. Anything that we can do to help them out is great, and a food drive is the perfect way to go.”

The food drive is an annual event at Arrowhead.  Student Senate advisor and Arrowhead social studies teacher Tamara Lindmair said, “We have been holding a school wide food drive for many years. I have been doing this for eight years and I know that the food drive has been going on much longer than that.”