New activities and challenges for the Art Club


Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

During March 2020, the Art Club was created, to give art minded students a place to get together and collaborate. They had one meeting last school year before COVID-19 and they have not started the club back up this semester. 


At their initial meeting, the Art Club thought up ideas. They also talked about fundraisers for speakers or field trips. The Art Club is a student-driven club.


Kirsten Falkner, an Arrowhead Art teacher said to join the Art Club students can email her with questions or to join. Falkner is the advisor for the Art Club this year. 


Falkner said, “I gauged the interest level of the students through class surveys.” 


They will meet in room 324 at South Campus.” 


Falkner said, “Balancing the in-person students with the virtual students has been a struggle for coordinating.”


They will work on artwork when they start the Art Club.


Falkner said, “We haven’t planned this year yet.”