New activities and changes for the Engineering Club

Vanessa Laudon, Reporter


During October 2017, the Engineering Club was created to offer Arrowhead students the opportunity to get better at STEM and Engineering. The Engineering Club was created by Eric Hansen, a former Arrowhead student, because there wasn’t an opportunity for STEM motivated students to sharpen their skills.


Drew Didonato, a current Arrowhead senior, who is part of the Engineering Club, said people can sign up for Engineering Club by emailing him or Jeff Luetschwager, an Arrowhead technology and engineering teacher. 


Didonato said, “We meet Tuesdays after school in Room S803.”


Late September, the Engineering Club opened for the 2020-2021 school year.


Luetschwager is the Engineering Club faculty advisor for this year.


Didonato said, “Because of COVID we had to deal with spacing out more than usual and we also had to come out with new projects to do.”


One of the activities that they are doing this year is F1 racing.


Didonato said, “We work in the shop and do some 3D modeling.”


Late September, this year the Engineering Club had a couple of changes added to it such as doing different activities for this year and one of these activities is F1 racing.