Broadway Company Continues Amidst the Pandemic

Haley Hazod, Reporter

Broadway Company is a musical theater program at Arrowhead High School. Students who are sophomores, juniors and seniors can audition for the group. “Broadway Company produces the fall musical, carols in the community, produces Musical Theater Nights, and puts on an annual Gala event,” the Arrowhead Choirs page says.


Originally the fall musical was supposed to be performed in October. The musical for this school year is Mama Mia, and it has been postponed until the spring.


The students in Broadway Company are currently working on a version of Musical Theater Nights, also known as MTN. Musical Theater Nights is a show that the students direct. The upperclassmen submit the songs they want to include in the performance from a variety of musical productions. 


Gustavo Chaviano is a choir teacher and one of the directors of Broadway Company alongside Grace Bielski. Chaviano said, “I sit down with the seniors and go through each submission (over 100 this year!) and put together a cohesive and entertaining show!”


This year, the group has had to minimize the amount of students in the MTN musical numbers. In addition, students must perform with masks on. Chaviano explained that the group is getting their Musical Theater Night ready to perform on November 19, 20, and 21. 


Broadway Company is not allowed to have a 100% of an audience. Senior Haley Patterson explains, there is a limit to how many people can practice in a room, the size of the audience, and budget. “Mr. Chaviano, Ms. Markano [English teacher and theatre manager], and Ms. B are doing everything in their power to adapt to this year and still give the Broadway Company kids the experience we know and love,” she says.


Chaviano says they are watching their budget since they assume they will have a decrease in ticket sales. Usually, the price of a ticket to MTN is $16. Although they have not decided what the price will be for this year.


Broadway Company is planning to have the Musical Theater Night’s performances in person with a live stream option. “We will likely have to limit our capacity in the theater to 50% or less. Students will perform with masks on and the audience will also have to be masked,” Chaviano said.


This will be Patterson’s third year in Broadway Company. She said that she is sad that this year will not be a packed theater. Although she is grateful for what she does get to do. “Honestly everything about Broadway Company is my favorite part but if I had to choose one I would have to say the bond I have built with every single one of the members in it. We are all like a family and I love everyone in it with my whole heart,” Patterson said.


In addition she wanted to thank the directors for pushing her to be better. Also, she wanted to thank everyone on Broadway Company for having a second family. Patterson says, “Love you guys the most!”