Arrowhead Students Get Creative in Writing Club

Olivia Bartman, Reporter

The Arrowhead Writing Club meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 3:30 pm until 4:30pm on Zoom (code can be found on the Writing Club’s Google Classroom). The club offers students the chance to pursue writing in a safe and encouraging environment.  


“Students should join to have fun with writing and meet other passionate writers.  There is a lot of laughter and energy within our group, so it is a comfortable atmosphere where kids can be themselves and write for themselves while receiving support from their peers.  The environment helps build confidence in all writers which is what I enjoy the most,” says faculty advisor and English teacher Terri Carnell.


The club allows students to develop and explore different writing skills.  A description of Writing Club on the Arrowhead High School website states, “Often, meetings start with a guided prompt and then students share and discuss. After the warm-up exercise, students form groups and provide feedback on their work. Each student brings something to workshop—a poem, essay, narrative, vignette. In addition to impromptu writing and workshopping, students discuss writers’ markets. The Writing Club builds upon topics addressed in Arrowhead’s writing courses, while also giving students the freedom to pursue different styles.”


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Writing Club meetings during the 2020-2021 school year are now virtual.  Students can access the meetings via Google Classroom with the code vzyy47u.  


“Because of Covid-19, we have been utilizing Zoom for our meetings instead of traditional in-person meetings.  Although it would be nice to see everyone in person and be more hands-on, the virtual meetings make attendance easier, as students don’t have to stay after school or find a new ride home!  Besides this change, everything else about the club has remained the same,” says club leader Bella Schuelke, a senior.  Juniors Karina Woodward and Lindsay Martin are also leaders.  


Writing Club meetings tend to follow the same format.  Carnell said, “Students work on whatever they are interested in writing for fun or for submission.  Some students write stories, some write poetry; it varies.  Each month our leaders engage the club in fun writing activities that develop techniques and build camaraderie.”


All students are invited to participate in the club, according to Schuelke.  


“I feel like students might be apprehensive about joining this club because they think it will be too much work, but what they don’t realize is how lenient and easygoing our club is,” says Schuelke.  “Writing Club also looks amazing on college applications as it is categorized as a curricular club. Colleges love to see that their applicants are going out of their way to improve academically.”


Students interested in participating can access the Google Classroom or contact advisors Terri Carnell and Elizabeth Jorgensen.