Hawkettes Adapting to the 2020 Season

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

Like many sports and activities at Arrowhead, COVID-19 has affected the way things are run and organized on the Hawkettes dance team. With the team being based on performance and competition, many of the COVID-19 guidelines make practice, performance, and competition look different than in year’s past. 


Some of the primary changes are the use of masks while dancing, being more conscientious about spacing, and the fact that the competition season is going to look drastically different. 


According to Junior Hawkette Grace Talbot, “Some competitions will be virtual and some have been pushed back to further dates.”  


Arrowhead students are used to seeing a half time performance by the Hawkettes during football games and other events like pep rallies. But with the virus, not only are students unable to attend football games but they also miss out on seeing the Varsity dance teams performances. This is a change for students to adapt to, but also for the performers. 


Senior Hawkette, Grace Hamilton said “…things are going pretty well despite the circumstances. Yes there are some bumps and we are still getting used to dancing with masks and staying more distanced but we are getting there.”  


Aside from all the precautions, the girls are still making the most of a rather unique season, says sophomore Siya Sinha. She says,“…things are going well this year and that we are still able to perform at the football games, and that still excites us. We still get dances done despite whether we perform them or not.”