Court is Back in Session at Arrowhead


Haley Hazod, Reporter

The Mock Trial club is a competitive club that prepares throughout the year to stimulate a court trial. All students are able to join.


English teacher Katie Herrmann is the Mock Trial coach at AHS. Herrmann has been coaching Mock Trial for ten years all together. At Arrowhead, she has been the coach for three years.  She says there was a team a while ago but before she got here there wasn’t a Mock Trial club. 


This year there are about 30 students registered to be in Mock Trial. Each year the numbers go up for students in Mock Trial. Herrmann says there will be a Varsity and Junior Varsity level team.


“When I started working here three years ago, I offered to start up a new team,” Herrmann said.


Mock Trial will look different this year than in the past. The practices are both in person and online. In addition, the regional competition will be held virtually.


She said, “I love seeing my students gain confidence, learn how to work together on a team, and develop great friendships.”


The registration for Mock Trial is closed for this school year. Although, Herrmann said “…if students missed the deadline for some legitimate reason, they can come and talk to me and I can see if it’s possible to accommodate them at this point.”


Senior Hannah Kimmel is in her third year of Mock Trial as the team captain. She says she enjoys the public speaking, arguing, and feeling like an actual lawyer. “Mock Trial is actually kind of a family and the feeling of community and supportiveness is unlike something I’ve seen in any other club.” 


Each year there is either a criminal or civil case. This year the case is criminal. Kimmel said, during practice the team is reviewing former criminal cases. In addition, the team is preparing their openings, and reading affidavits. Coming up Mock Trial will work on lines of questioning and arguments. 


For people who have not done Mock Trial Kimmel advises students to try it. “Even if you’re not an actor or lawyer, you’ll have fun and love it, I promise. Just give it a chance,” Kimmel says.