Social Studies Teacher Quarantines, Teaches from home

Alex Stahl, Reporter

Due to Covid-19, some teachers are teaching virtually because they have been identified as close contact and exposed to Covid-19. 

Ron Reichle, a teacher at Arrowhead, has been teaching from home for the past two weeks and has returned back to in-person teaching on September 23rd. 

He said, “The main difference is not seeing and being able to actually talk with students one-on-one.  It is hard to work with the people at home. They are isolated and it makes it tough to actually answer their questions and give them the attention they deserve.” 

Alex Wood, a junior and a student of Reichle feels the same way. He said, “The hardest part when a teacher is not present is actively participating and answering questions as it feels more awkward when answering to someone that’s not even with us.” 

Chloe Simonson, also junior and student of Reichle said, “For me, the hardest part of learning from home without a teacher physically present was the lack of communication and the delay to get help and answers that were needed. Also not being able to ask to go over more problems of similar things when you didn’t understand something was difficult as well.”

   Reichle said, “It is fun to have class in bed and wake 10 minutes before school starts and still be on time, but the community has challenged us to give you a great Arrowhead education and I support that idea and look forward to that challenge, but when you are at home you have got to help us teachers out.  Get dressed, eat breakfast, answer questions, try like you care and get the most out of the experience as you can.  It is easy to say this isn’t normal so I am not going to put a lot into it, which leads to, as they say, you get out of it what you put into it.”