Approaching September Events

Lexi Morgan, Reporter

September is filled with the beginning of school, sports, clubs, activities, and other extracurriculars. This year, however, September activities look different due to the COVID-19 restrictions and regulations around gatherings and social events, such as sports games and club meetings going on during the weekend. Upcoming events at Arrowhead in September will have to deal with regulations as clubs and sports manifest the best alternatives to gatherings.

Arrowhead’s Fall sports (Football, Track and Field, Girls Tennis, Girls and Boys Volleyball, Field Hockey, Boys and Girls Soccer, and Golf) started their training with restrictions. The teams started their practices in August, on the day the WIAA allowed for tryouts and practices to commence.

Arrowhead’s Activities Director Ryan Mangan originally sent an email to parents and coaches on August 13th, detailing that there were to be no buses traveling to games with the entire team. He stated that each player would have to be driven separately. No spectators are allowed at games either, which makes for an isolated sports season. All these restrictions play into the COVID motto: Stay six feet apart and wear a mask. When not playing, players are to wear masks and always social distance themselves. 

Kaelyn Glassey, a player on the JV Golf team said, “Certain parts of the clubhouse are closed off to limit the amount of people inside.” She says she’s not too worried about the drastic changes for her season, however, she says that even though there are more rules, at least she gets to play.

Best Buddies, SAVE, Warhawk Interact, Mock Trial, German National Honor Society, Stage Crew, E-Sports, Robotics, HOSA, RHO KAPPA, and JSA are among the clubs starting this month. Some have taken the opportunity to occur virtually. JSA, Best Buddies, German National Honor Society, HOSA, and Robotics are the clubs that offer meetings in scheduled Zoom sessions. 

Ella Schmit, the Secretary of JSA, is confident the meetings will run smoothly. Last year when the school shut down in the last few months of the year, JSA attempted virtual meetings, so the club has experience with running online groups. 

Schmit says they advertise their meetings through Instagram, emails, reminder texts, posters, and study hall slides. As far as their conventions go, they also attend them virtually. 

The future of JSA is undecided. The club usually travels to their conventions and goes to Washington, but Schmitt says, “I would love to have in-person conventions again, but I don’t see that happening for a while. I really hope that we are able to go to DC in February, but I am doubtful.”