AHS 22nd Annual Lobster Boil Held on April 26

Lily Maclean, Reporter

This year, Arrowhead’s 22nd Annual Lobster Boil will be held on April 26th at South Campus. The event starts at 5:15pm and goes until 7:45pm.

Lobster dinners will cost $25 and the steak dinners will cost $18. Lobster and steak dinners need to be pre ordered before April 7th. If you would like to attend the event, fill out this form and make the check out to Café Arrowhead Lobster Boil. The hamburger and hot dog options can be purchased the night of the event.

The Lobster Boil is hosted by the Arrowhead Special Olympics Team and The Cafe Arrowhead staff. All proceeds will be going to the Arrowhead Special Olympics Team.

According to a Lobster Boil flyer, there will be a 50/50 raffle and a silent auction during the event.

The event is ran by John Hough, a special education teacher at Arrowhead. Any questions about the event can be directed to Hough. View the form above for his contact information.

Paula Nordwig, Arrowhead’s health room aide, says she has worked the Lobster Boil since 2010. She says the main reason she worked it was her daughter. Her daughter, Cathy, is now 22 years old and has Down syndrome. Cathy attended Arrowhead High School and graduated in 2017. During her time at Arrowhead, she worked at Cafe Arrowhead in Hough’s class and is an AHS Special Olympics athlete to this day.

Nordwig says the Lobster Boil brings in a consistently high number of people. Many families come year after year. She says one family drives all the way from Michigan for the Lobster Boil. One year, they served almost 1000 dinners.

Nordwig says, “I think my favorite part is seeing all the interaction of the diners with the Special Olympic athletes. Each student or alumni has a job on the front lines of the Lobster Boil so the public can see them and recognize them for their accomplishments.”

Nordwig says, “First of all, I think the Lobster Boil brings people together to celebrate and recognize the athletes who train, practice and work just as hard as any other athlete at AHS.”

Nordwig also appreciates that the proceeds support the Special Olympic team. Cathy is a plays three sports, including, volleyball, gymnastics and track. Nordwig says Cathy benefits from both the physical activity and the fun she has with her teammates.