The December Blood Drive is Saving Lives

Morgan Konopka, Reporter

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Arrowhead High School has a Blood Drive two times a year. The most recent Blood Drive was held on December 14th, 2018. The next one will be on April 12th, 2019.

In December, the Blood Drive was open from 7:30 am until 2:36 pm in the North Campus west gymnasium. The event was run by Student Senate. They helped students  sign in the donation system, gave drinks and snacks after the kids gave blood, and helped anyone who didn’t feel well.

Lauren Chromy, a senior at Arrowhead, said, “Overall all of the nurses and volunteers are great through the whole situation. I feel very safe and fulfilled through the entire experience and that’s all I could really ask for. The entire time all of the nurses directed me where to go and what to do, it was awesome.”

The nurses checked students ID’s and the information on it, approving a student for donation if they were over 16 and a certain weight and height. The students then were guided to answer about 40 questions about their lives and past medical experiences. Afterward iron levels and pulses were checked, and then the student was seated in a chair to get one pint of blood drawn. The Blood Center of Wisconsin stated one pint of blood can save three lives.

Brooke O’Connor, a senior at Arrowhead, said, “I really respect Student Senate having so many options of food and drinks for helping students to recover. I know from personal experience I was never prepared with enough food to help myself feel better, and it is really reassuring knowing I have plenty of options to help myself get through the rest of the day.”

Student Senate provided tables of free drinks and snacks for the students who gave  blood. The Blood Drive of Wisconsin said it is normal for students to feel faint, sick, or very tired. Student Senate has made it a priority to make sure everyone had enough access to whatever they need, according to Jack Siepmann, President of Student Senate.

Student Senate brings in juice, soda, water, chips, granola bars, fruit, etc. It is to help the body become hydrated and to help bring up sugar levels.

Chromy said, “I will continue to donate my blood my entire life, I think it is so amazing that I can help people in need, although it can hurt, it is worth every bit of my time, and I think a lot of other people feel the same exact way as I do.”


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